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If you’re a Single Muslim and looking for Marriage, we’re here to help. Our experienced & supportive team try our best to ensure you gain the knowledge needed whilst having a personal touch that allows you to feel genuinely cared for. We sincerely want you to be prepared for a successful marriage through learning the knowledge needed as well as supporting you with qualified professionals to enhance your self-development.

We are strongly dedicated in making our website safe and halāl for all our users by manually checking the users and inspecting the site to remove any harām.

Our website is open to the Ahlul Sunnah wa Jamm’ah community worldwide with a focus on individuals who are serious about marriage.

How It Works

We offer a service unlike any other. Register today to find your ideal match at Certified 2 Marry. Our process focuses on obtaining important knowledge and developing oneself to ensure you connect with people serious about Marriage and on the same wavelength.


Register to our website by completing your profile & uploading a suitable image of yourself.

Gain Obligatory Knowledge

Take the Pre-Marital Course, pass the exam for a digital certificate (free for Gold Members) & display on your profile.

Find your Partner

Access the Members Only area to search for your spouse & send direct messages, digital gifts & more!

FREE Standard Membership will allow you to: 

♥ Create your own profile and search profiles

♥ Find like-minded, online and active members

♥ Use Credits to send messages & digital gifts

♥ Complete our Online Pre-Marital Course to learn the basic Islamic knowledge needed in order to marry in a Halal way

♥ Search for Therapists / Practitioners to suit your needs and request a session with them

GOLD Membership for a more personal experience for your needs, will grant you access to:

♥ Free 30 minute session with a Coach/Counsellor – uncover reasons for why you may be struggling to find a Spouse

♥ Digital Certification for passing our Pre-Marital Course Exam & exclusive discounts for workshops / events.

♥ Access to ALL features on our website – including all members, unlimited messages and digital gifts.

Option to ask private questions to qualified Scholars

♥ A referral to our Coaches / Counsellors in your first 6 months of marriage when you find your spouse through us!

♥ We assist you in organising an Imam to perform your Nikāh (additional fee for this service).

All this for a one-off sign up fee of only £54.99! 

We are currently offering free subscription for a limited time only. Thereafter it will be £11 monthly which includes a donation to charity.

What Our Members Say

Reviews will be updated regularly, please check back to see what others are saying about their experience with Certified 2 Marry.

Overall what has been your experience of the Certified 2 Marry Process so far?

It has been really good! I have been looking for something like this for a while and it's exactly what I want.

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Start your journey today in a halal manner with Certified 2 Marry and find your ideal Match. Get ready to enjoy each & every moment to capture those beautiful memories for your lifetime in shā Allah (God-Willing).